Bon Vivant Brighton


After meeting in 2016, the owners of Bon Vivant have since shared a love for great food and wine.  With over a decade of combined experience within the hospitality industry, they decided to follow their passion and open the business they have always wanted to enjoy themselves.  The rest is history!

The name of "Bon Vivant" derives from the French saying describing a person who is "living well" - enjoying the finer things in life; good food and a luxury lifestyle!  Bon Vivant was born with the ambition to make the luxury of French food accessible in a street food setting.

The food truck operates in open-air markets, festivals, regular high street pitches and pub pop-ups.   In the summer, the menu consists of freshly made sweet crepes and savoury galettes to order, with a range of cold drinks and cocktails. During the winter months, as well as our delicious crepes, Bon Vivant serves Raclette melting cheese dishes with a variety of toppings.